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It’s when you eat that truly matters.

Photo: rawpixel.com/ www.pexels.com

We all know supper isn’t exactly a good idea. But consuming most of your calories towards the later part of the day based on your body clock can lead to weight gain.

According to a recent study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eating close to your individual body clock’s bedtime can cause an increase in your body fat percentage. The study observed the relation between body fat and body mass index (BMI), and the time of food consumption relative to one’s body clock.

Researchers recruited a total of 110 college participants aged 18 to 22 for a 30 day observational study. Their sleep times and daily meal intake were documented. Participants used a mobile phone app to take photos and time-stamp their food intake. They were also required to stay a night at the study lab to have their body composition and the timing of their biological night assessed.

They found that subjects with higher body fat percentages consumed most of their calories towards their biological evening/night. They were also more likely to consume more calories at this time.

Although this study only observes a small group of subjects, maybe you should hold on to that supper thought. As much as you can, try skipping the supper and eat wholesome, filling meals during the earlier part of your day instead.

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