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The 18 shake is one of the meal replacement formulas that is manufactured by 18Nutrition Company in the USA. The company has been in the market for years now. They operate majorly on the official website. Once one buys the product, they are able to do free shipping to all members.

What is 18 shake?

18 shake is a diet that is meant for losing weight very fast without one feeling hungry. The manufacturer claims that it is made of natural ingredients and is a luxurious meal for those who want to cut their weight. To add on that they also say that the 18 shake diet does not have any artificial ingredients and it has no side effect on the body. From it is the best when compared to their competitor diets. However, from the customer reviews, there are some negative reviews that have been given out; we will look at them later.

What are 18 shake diets?

18 shake diet is a meal replacement that is taken daily with the aim of losing weight. With this weight loss plan is a book that will give you a dietary guide on how you should use it while using the shakes. The manufacturers say that it is not a must for one to engage in exercise when you are using the shakes.

Manufacture of 18 shakes

The 18 shake diet is manufactured by the 18Nutrition company. To them, they said that the product was made after doing research for several years before reaching that conclusion. The experts and specialists who came up with it were composed of nutritionist and weight loss experts. This company has been certified by the US GMP to ensure that its product produced is of high quality and is consistent.


18 Shake review

Ingredients in 18 shake

The official website of the company behind 18 shake diet has shared various natural ingredients of it. It has around 90 percent calories, protein, among others. So, some of these ingredients include,

Fibersol-2 Its main role is to suppress the appetite. Through suppressing appetite it lowers the intake of calories. It is also able to reduce or regulate the blood sugar level in the body

Duo-protein formula It is ideal in metabolism and burns off excess calories within the body. It is good also in helping the body to function well while you are losing weight.

Stevia This is a sweetener that does not have the same formula like that in normal sugars. Its useful in weight loss.


Iodine-for boosting metabolism and promote normal body functioning. It does this by supporting the thyroid glands that initiate the metabolism process.

Vitamin C It lowers the levels of cholesterol

CopperHelps the immune system and ensures that the nerves are functioning properly.

B-Vitamins For the provision of body energy

Potassium It regulates fluids and blood pressure in the body

Chromium Helps in burning of carbohydrates in the body and lowering hunger. It also boosts insulin.

How does 18 shake works?

Using 18 shake diets is very simple; you only need to replace one or two meals of your diet every day. Making it is very simple because all the nutrients are present in it. Once you buy it you are provided with the meal guide and this will help you to lose weight very fast. The cost of the shake is also very low that you can afford.

Benefits of 18 shake

The benefits of 18 shake in weight loss will always depend or vary from one person to another. There are those who will lose weight fast then they expected and others do not. Some of the importance of it includes

  • It makes sure that one is still getting calories in the body as he tries to lose weight.
  • It is able to boost one’s energy level while under the diet program
  • It is made up of totally natural ingredients with no stimulants added in it
  • It does not also have any of the artificial flavors that can have a side effect on your body.
  • It is very pleasant because of the natural sweeter stevia
  • Is composed of the high content of proteins, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Its fiber content is able to lower the hunger to the user.

What are some of the 18 shake products?

The 18 shakes have gone three main products and an eBook guide that you can use as you begin your journey of weight loss. There are vanilla shake mix, sletrokor mix and chocolate shake mix.

Sletrokor mix

The ingredients in it include

  • Garciniacambogia– It is a fruit that is found in Asia
  • Aloe Vera– Is a topical treatment. It has several health benefits within the body.
  • Gymnema Sylvestre

Flavors of 18 shake

Up to now, there are two main flavors of the product. They include chocolate and vanilla. However, the company has promised to add more flavors in the near future.

18 shake reviews

18 shake as received a number of reviews from both professional and those who have used it. For instance, on the official website, many of the reviews are positive. They claim how the 18 shakes helped greatly in losing their weight. 18 shake Amazon has also received a number of positive reviews.

18 shake price

As I said 18 shake is very cheap, however, this will depend on the quantity you are in need of. A single bag can cost $ 88.

18 shake where to buy

18 shake is only found on the official website of the manufacturer. This is the genuine place that you can get the real and best product once you have paid for it. You can also get it on Amazon.com. For all members of the USA, there is free shipping.

The final verdict on 18 shakes

The 18 shake is one of the easiest methods that you can use to lose weight without any problem. It has purely natural ingredients and it is ideal for all people. From the reviews, most users of the product have given a positive response on how it helped them. You can give a try if you are in need of losing weight.


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