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Summer is not a stress-free month. The unpleasant heat brings through it a variety of beauty woes, which requirements your entire attention plus care. Separately from maintaining a healthy food and keeping yourself fine hydrated, you furthermore need to pay attention to your skin plus hair.

You might have heard it numerous times, however, a sunscreen lotion is a summer vital, and you requisite to make it a custom to apply it beforehand heading out. The detail is, most persons I meet are still stressed with whatever sunscreen toward use, however, to apply it, what SPF toward buying, soon plus so forth. My recommendation would be to purchase a sunscreen that suits your skin kind. For dry skin, look out for a kind which is moisturizing plus has a greater SPF, and for the blend or oily skin, pick oil-free creams. Continuously apply a sunscreen afterward you have bathed as well as cover all uncovered regions of your body, not fairly your face, to protect it from the sturdy and hurtful UV rays. I have seen persons suffer from sun damage because of unprotected skin as well as it’s not fairly tanning I am talking around!

Sensitive Heat

It arises usually due to congested sweat glands, while friction is initiated through sweat and wetness in the crinkles of the skin. It can be actually painful wherever you suffer a burning sensation. People who typically wear synthetic attires usually suffer from prickly heat rashes. The first thing to recall is to air the region and squish cold water on it. You must also leave the area exposed and dust it through sandalwood otherwise talcum powder. Fresh aloe vera would also calm the skin. Always wear loose fit cotton clothes in summers toward permitting the skin to breathe.


Standup in the sun, even for fairly 15 minutes, can reason dark spots on your skin. The sturdy UV rays reason aggravation of the skin foremost to reddish seeing spots. This dry plus dehydrated skin must be handled through great care so that nothing additional aggravates it.

In cool washing water, enhance 1tsp of baking soda plus soak your skin through this. In fact, internal hydrating would also help, thus drink loads of water, counting lime water. Evade using soap on the skin as this would dry it further. Grated cucumber applied toward the skin will aid soothe it. You can furthermore apply Aloe Vera gel outwardly to reconcile the hurt epidermis. I have furthermore seen astonishing results by applying honey on to the skin. Not merely does this soften the tough surface however acts as a normal antibiotic too.

Skin Peeling

Extremely damaged skin because of sunburn could lead to skin peeling, which could be very painful. Take cold water as well as add a cotton fabric in it plus use this as a cold wrapping on the skin. Apply coconut oil, which would soothe the skin as well as help moisturize it. Do not rub otherwise use ice on this region however hot it might be.
Also, yoghurt  applied toward peeling  sunburnt skin would also aid cool the skin. Treat your skin with maximum gentleness.

Skin Thickening

The sturdy UV rays can reason thickening plus dryness of the skin foremost to wrinkling plus ageing. If you do not use a sunscreen, it is time you took attention. Start right away as well as also using a cactus-based ointment on the skin. The cold fresh ointment can aid as well. Apply a dense layer as well as leave it on for a few minutes. You would notice it slowly vanishing into the skin, bringing you instantaneous relief.

Black Spots 

Overexposure toward the sun could lead to black spots particularly on the face as well as this could be the reason of concern. To treat this, there are some delightful natural elements that will help relieve the skin –

1. Wipe your skin through a cotton ball immersed into buttermilk. Leave this on for around 15 minutes as well as wash off.

2. Use 2 teaspoons of oatmeal toward which you have added complete fat milk plus apply on the skin. Leave it on for a little minute plus then wash it off.

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