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Hi! Thank you for clicking on the about page and taking the time to get to know me! My name is Angel Scotty and this is my blog.

My Story

The reason why I’m so confident I can help you is because I helped myself.

I struggled with my own body image for most of my teenage years and early 20s. Like many girls, I tortured myself to the point where food was the enemy and my body was a burden. My relationship with my body was turbulent: I was a carbrestricting, fad-dieting, anxiety-ridden, scale-fearing, self-loathing, and self-doubting mess.

Then something clicked. I realized hating on my body was affecting everything in my life, so I committed myself to understanding what nutrition was all about. When I started to learn how the body actually works, my mentality shifted. I viewed food as a source of nourishment, not the enemy. I ate in a way that healed my body.

I’ve come a long way!

I thought I was doing everything right, but as it turns out, my eating habits were far too restrictive. So extreme, in fact, they were unhealthy. My obsession with dieting and food clouded my ability to listen to what my body really needed.

What was I doing wrong?

  • I drank too much alcohol and caffeine.
  • I poured artificial sweetener into everything.
  • I beat myself up whenever I indulged
  • I ate low-fat products as well as processed foods and daily tins of tuna.
  • I had a diet mentality. I was a fad dieter who never ate any fat, but couldn’t lose fat either.
  • I was stressed and anxious.
  • I wasn’t sleeping enough.
  • I was out of touch with my body – in fact, I hated on it.
  • I was a spray tan junkie.
  • I exercised twice a day – which didn’t do my stressed-out body any favours!

What did I change?

  • I ditched processed foods and sugar for good.
  • I started eating beautiful wholefoods.
  • I learnt to love good fats.
  • I reduced my gluten intake to the point where I’m now 90% gluten free!
  • I enjoyed caffeine and alcohol only occasionally.
  • I drank tons of water.
  • I loaded up on green veggies every day. Some might call it an addiction.
  • I healed my gut with probiotics.
  • I boosted my self-esteem and changed my relationship with my body and food.
  • I reduced the stressors in my life
  • I cut out toxic scenes and people
  • I slept more
  • I threw out toxic products (like fake tan!) and made the switch to natural skin and household items.
  • I exercised less, but smarter
  • I tuned into the mind-body connection.
  • I gave myself the chance to REST

Once I started listening to my body, it responded in the best way. It healed itself. I freed myself from the all-consuming obsession with food, and finally found balance.

When you feed your body with goodness and love, it is so, so good to you in return. It’s the most empowering, amazing feeling

I want you to feel the same way. I would love the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with you, so that you can not only feel incredible, but become a role model for those around you.

If you invite me into your world, I promise I’ll be honest, compassionate and understanding, and above all, get you to where you want to be.

Thanks to my studies, I have a ton of scientifically-proven information at my disposal. Thanks to my travels, I can offer you a tailored program that takes into account everything from the spices of India and the teas of Istanbul to the spirituality of Gaia and the rhythm of South Africa, the country where I was born.

It will change your life, like it has mine. You deserve to feel good about yourself.

How can I help YOU?

Along with offering nutritional advice, I guide people to create healthy lifestyle habits and achieve physical and psychological balance. In other words, I examine your lifestyle, not just your diet, and treat you as a whole person, not just ‘parts’. I’m a firm believer in seeing clients as individuals, and customizing plans to suit them.

After all, no two people are the same, so no two plans should be the same either!

As your clinical nutritionist, I can tailor a diet and help you to adjust your lifestyle choices based on your needs. There is a lot of competing information out there: one month, veganism is trendy, and the next, steak is in and carbs are the devil again. There are a million different diets and labels out there: paleo, vegetarian, Atkins, lemon detox and the list goes on. It can all get very confusing. Overwhelming, even! That’s where I come in. Our bodies are different, and it’s my job to work out what your body needs to perform at its best – and then come up with an eating plan that is not only beneficial and nutritious, but enjoyable and sustainable.

But in order to feel better, we must first be better, and I can help you feel great for the rest of your life. In my clinic, I aim to gently push people to live their best, healthiest life. This goes beyond diets. While teaching you how to fuel your body properly is a huge part of what I do, good health is far more complex than the one-carb-one-protein formula. In order to reach optimum health, and find a sense of balance and confidence, we need to address sleep, stress, exercise, relationships, and work environments.

I’m here to empower you to make good choices, every day. I’m here to support you on your journey to great health. I’m here to enhance your understanding of health and nutrition. I’m committed to making sure you live the best life. Because you deserve it. Are you ready to start feeling great?

My credentials

The health and wellness world is fascinating, and I don’t think I’ll never stop learning. As for my current qualifications, I have a Bachelor of Health, specializing in Nutritional Medicine.

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