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People usually associate aging with the signs they can see – going grey, moving more slowly, or even shrinking. We believe what we can see, right?

But, what about the changes we can’t see? What about the changes we think we feel?

Now, many of the changes that happen to us when we age have to do with oxidative stress – and you can usually see it when free radicals wreak their havoc. But, did you know oxidative stress can cause degenerative damage to your brain? It’s scary, but don’t worry. There are ways to help maintain and improve your cognitive function as you age.

But first, what is oxidative stress?

It’s impossible to talk about oxidative stress without talking about free radicals first. It all starts with electrons.

See, electrons travel around in pairs. Free radicals, however, are missing an electron, so they chemically react with almost everything they touch in an attempt to steal an electron from the cells and compounds around them – they do this in an attempt to make themselves whole.

Unfortunately, once a cell has been robbed of its electron, it’s unable to fulfill its bodily function and suddenly the damaged cell starts to seek an electron for itself. The result is a chain reaction in which damage only causes more damage.

If you’ve ever seen an apple brown, you’ve seen free radical damage in action. And if you’ve ever squeezed lemon juice over the apple to stop it from browning – then you’ve seen how antioxidants can help slow oxidative stress.

How do antioxidants help?

Well, free radicals can cause real physical stress and age the body over time because they can damage your cell membranes, enzymes, and DNA. Free radicals are supposed to be in concert with your body’s antioxidant supply, but when the balance is disturbed, the aging process can start to happen more quickly.

When your body experiences a great deal of free radical damage, it can affect all of your organs and cause serious health issues related to memory loss, heart health issues, circulatory damage, leaky gut syndrome, lisp or stutter and so much more.

But, antioxidants are the body’s unsung heroes… they work hard to battle against free radicals and give over an electron to satisfy those thieving free radicals. That’s why the lemon helps the apple – the antioxidants in the lemon juice hand over their electrons and give the apple just a little more time before it spoils.

Free Radicals and Your Brain

Now, wrinkles, spots, or greying hair – that’s all the result of oxidative stress and you can tell it’s happening. And though you can’t really see free radical damage in your brain, you can probably feel its effects. That’s because free radicals cause inflammation in the brain which can sometimes lead to –

  • Brain fog
  • Memory loss
  • Anxiety
  • Neurological issues1
  • Mood swings2

The problem is free radicals are everywhere – there’s no avoiding them. But when antioxidants come to the rescue, and attach themselves to free radicals, suddenly the free radicals become harmless.

So, how do you make sure you’re getting enough antioxidants?

Well, besides doing your best to eat high antioxidant foods like goji berries, pecans, artichokes, and cilantro… you can take supplements high in antioxidants. One of the best supplements out there is Active Stem.

Active Stem combines green tea extract and blueberry extract for a double dose of heroic, free-radical-fighting power. Then the antioxidants are combined with several other potent ingredients to help improve cognitive function.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is bursting with polyphenols known as flavonoids and catechins. These compounds have incredible antioxidant power. By counteracting the free radical activity in your body, green tea extract can help slow premature aging and help protect your brain cells from degenerating.

Blueberry Extract

Of course, blueberries have tons of great nutrients like resveratrol, Vitamin K, and Vitamin C… but did you know the blueberry is one of the highest antioxidant foods out there?

And they’re great for cognitive function. In fact, a recent study indicated that supplementing with wild blueberry juice for just 3 months improved the memory function in older adults with previous early memory decline.3

In Conclusion

Green Tea Extract and Blueberry extract are just two of the incredible mind-enhancing ingredients in Active Stem. Beyond helping to improve brain function, Active Stem could also help –

  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Support weight loss
  • Reduce your body fat
  • Slow cellular aging
  • Support muscle and joint strength
  • Diminish some visible signs of aging

So, check out Active Stem today. You’ll be doing yourself a great favor and might just find you not only feel younger, but look younger too.

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