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Over 30 years ago, in 1980, Mark Hughes, founded a weight loss company called, you guessed it, Herbalife. It all started with a weight loss shake that Mark created after seeing his mother struggle with weight loss his entire life and eventually died from it. She actually became addicted to the weight loss pills she had been taking and eventually started using other pills that she, unfortunately, overdosed on. He decided to make it easier and healthier for people to lose weight. Mark started by selling this weight loss shake out of the trunk of his car in Los Angeles, California.

What is Herbalife Shake?

Formula 1 isn’t simply a weight-loss-shake, it’s, in fact, a meal-replacement-shake. Herbalife Shake offers vitamins & nutrients & is high in protein & low in calories. It can be utilized not only by those who’re looking to lose weight but additionally those who need to maintain weight or even increase weight.

Benefits/ Nutrition facts of Herbalife Shake

Herbalife Weight Loss

For ladies, this implies, you’ll be in a position to suit in the dress you had this time in your closet and put it on yet again. You won’t be bashful to flaunt your new conditioned body. For men, you won’t need to tuck in that belly any longer and be winded in doing as such.

Extra Boost in Energy

Today, everybody has got a rather hectic schedule. Trying to keep good nutrition may be quite a daunting task. Having Herbalife products, your concerns about providing your body with what it requires are gone. All the necessary nutrients are incorporated, making sure that you enjoy a wholesome lifestyle. Save time & gain an additional increase in energy.

Enjoyable, Variety of Flavors

When you first try Herbalife products, particularly the Formula 1 meal-replacement-shake, you can’t help the fact it tastes incredible. This by itself can be a decent motivating force in desiring to lose weight. Having a shake for breakfast rather than plain old toasts can be very pleasant. The shake comes in an assortment of flavors. Pick your top choice.

Low-Calorie Content

For you to efficiently lose weight, you require to lessen your calorie consumption. Herbalife products remain low in calorie, hence making you drop weight more efficiently. More free time for you to appreciate life & be stress-free of the calorie counting-syndrome.

High Nutritional Value

This meal replacement shake was designed specifically for that, to replace a meal. It has all of the nutrition that one would get from a healthy meal. It is chalked full of great vitamins and minerals.

Appetite Suppressing Abilities

Unfortunately, many other shakes don’t seem to satisfy hunger and some shakes even appetite suppressants that you have to add to your shake. This is not so for Herbalife’s meal replacement shakes. They have plenty of protein and fiber to satisfy hunger and to keep you full.


The quality of all of Herbalife’s products is high including the meal replacement shakes. Herbalife uses state of the art equipment and tests their products often. They are constantly researching to make the best, healthiest, highest quality products.

As you can see, Herbalife products give you great benefits. When you take the products, you don’t feel like you are on a diet. You don’t starve yourself to death. You feel well & you’re charged with energy. The meal tastes great. You can enjoy them in a variety of flavors.

Herbalife Shake Ingredients

This product label shows that the meal shakes principal ingredients include:

Soy protein-isolate, a kind of plant-based protein-powder, Fructose (a kind of sugar)

The Herbalife ingredients are going to provide protein (9-grams) to assist you to feel full, and will additionally contribute 9-grams of sugar to your everyday sum.

Herbalife Flavors

Among the most well-known Herbalife products happens to be the Formula 1 Healthy-Meal-Nutritional-Shake-Mix. This product comes in an assortment of flavors which are:

  • Dutch Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Banana Caramel
  • Wild Berry
  • Mint Chocolate
  • Orange Cream
  • Cookies n’ Cream
  • Café Latte and others

Herbalife Shake Products

Some of the products you will find in the Herbalife reviews include but not limited to the following:

Herbalife Shake

Metabolism-Booster-Tea for Women

A steaming cup of tea is the ideal drink for relieving a sore throat, warming up following a swim, or binge-watching. However, this product happens to also be ideal for doing something different—assisting you to shed additional pounds.


This one has been utilized for centuries like an actual source of energy. So, Enjoy-Afresh-Energy-Drink-Mix any time like a refreshing-beverage.


It’s manufactured with premium-quality purified aloe-vera. It relaxes the stomach, promotes healthy digestion, soothes random indigestion & supports nutrient-absorption & intestinal-health. 

Herbalife-Herbal-Tea 3.5 RASPBERRY-Flavor-FRESH

It will control your appetite. If you aren’t a tea drinker, mix it with little-powdered water flavorings. You will lose weight by utilizing it as well. You will unquestionably keep utilizing it.

Formula 1 Healthy-Meal-Nutritional-Shake Mix: Dutch-Chocolate 750 g

It contains 20 vitamins, minerals & vital nutrients. 9g protein & healthy fiber assist aid weight-management. Includes the antioxidant vitamins C & E. Includes Aminogen & bromelain & papain, to promote protein-digestion 0 cholesterol and 0 trans fat.

Formula 1 Healthy-Meal-Nutritional-Shake Mix: Cookies-‘n-Cream 750 g

Herbalife protein-shake-mix is exactly what you want & it’s an excellent way to kick-start that weight-loss you want. You will love the flavors and it’s so simple to use.

Protein-Drink-Mix-Chocolate 638g

You can restrain your hunger & keep energized using the power of protein! This wonderful-tasting shake is a great way to receive protein all day.


This is a brand-new product & factory sealed. It’s created from natural product to give you the best experience.

Formula 2 Multivitamin-Complex-Original 90-Tablets

This product supplies vitamins & minerals and selects herbs. It promotes healthy-weight-management and general good health & vitality. It also promotes bones & immune-system-health 

Herbal-Tea-Concentrate: Original 1.8-Oz 

Offers antioxidant-support, it’s instant & low-calorie, jump-starts-thermogenic (metabolic) action, increases the sensation of energy and is approximately 85-mg of caffeine-per-serving.

Other Products by Herbalife

Formula 3-Cell Activator

These’re tablets which assist bring about healthy mitochondrial function & assist the body to assimilate micronutrients. There’re 60-tablets in one case.

Personalized Protein-Powder

This arrives in the kind of powder & assists offer protein to your body, supporting muscle growth & overall body well-being.

Formula 2 Multivitamin-Complex

This is believed to contain 21 necessary micronutrients & vitamins such as vitamin A, C & E and also calcium & iron. These additionally come in the kind of tablets.

Herbalife24 Rebuild-Strength

Additionally, in the kind of tablets, this helps in the healing & restoration of muscles & supports muscle development.

Herbalife Benefits
  • Convenient for people who love being told precisely what & at what time to eat.  
  • Since the protein shakes & teas can be served anywhere & need no unique ingredients, the schedule is very practical. 
  • It’s likely to impact in short-term weight-loss.
Herbalife Side Effects
  • May experiencing more losing weight than anticipated
  •  In the long run, you might end up getting more weight compared to what you had before

Price of Herbalife Shake

While the prices on the products on the shelf of many retail stores seem low, if you compare per serving, they are actually quite high. With Herbalife’s meal replacement shakes, the cost is about $1.25 per serving. It is one of the lowest costs of any meal replacement shake on the market.

Final Thoughts

Herbalife is a reputable company that has been providing weight loss and nutritional supplements for over 30 years. It’s additionally crucial to pick a shake which is going to make you feel ok till your subsequent meal. In case your meal-replacement-shake makes you feel unsatisfied after simply one hour or so, it’s highly probable that you will succumb to feeding on unhealthy foods. Meal-replacement-shakes which have carbohydrates, protein & fat are normally a good pick for remaining full within meals. Additionally, several experts recommend that they ought to have 200-400 calories.


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