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Given the recent rise of the health and fitness trend worldwide, multiple supplements have been appearing on the market. One of the many products that have positively impacted this niche for years is Nature’s Bounty Protein Shake.

This product is made by Nature’s Bounty, a company based on scientific research that bases its work on the formulation of high quality and consistent products. Their developers only use the best ingredients available to achieve breakthroughs in each of their shakes. Thanks to their hard work, the US Pharmacopeia has approved these meal replacement shakes. 

If you are interested in this product, keep reading and learn everything you need to know about the meal replacement shake on this Nature’s Bounty review.

What is Nature’s Bounty Meal Replacement Shake?

Nature’s Bounty Meal is protein shake made for sports or day-to-day use in the sense that it helps people lose weight and increase their body performance while including a number of ingredients in the consumer’s diet. It is meant to replace meals -as it contains all necessary nutrients-, but it can also be used with other foods as a supplement.

How does Nature’s Bounty Work?

Nature’s Bounty works like any other meal replacement shake, so it basically focuses on two main aspects: satisfy the body’s needs and eliminate the consumer’s hunger with the correct elements. These two aspects are the root of almost the entire overweight population, so this product has really good foundations.

Nutrition facts of Nature’s Bounty

Let’s have a better look at the nutrition facts of this amazing product:

Calories – 120 grams

This is more less the average in terms of meal replacement shakes, it aims at reducing the amount of calories consumed so that the user can drop pounds more easily.

Carbs – 13 grams

It does not have much carbs, but it is just enough to keep the energy flowing. In addition, they are some really good carbs, so there is no need to worry about gaining weight with it.

Fat – 2 grams

This is the minimum intake. It is a very wise strategy because the manufacturers want to make the person lose weight but without taking health into account.

Fiber – 4 grams

It contains some fiber to keep bloating, gases and constipation out of the picture. These problems tend to be common on people who are in the process of getting to the ideal weight.

Sugar – 6 grams

This is a double-edged sword. On one side, it should not contain any sugar because it makes the process harder, but on the other, the shake would just taste wrong and people would stop taking it. It is probably even.


As it was mentioned before, the IG system tends to get a little out of control when there is a sudden change in diet. In that sense, the creators included over a billion nature’s bounty probiotics to increase the good bacteria and avoid bloating and constipation.

Nature’s Bounty Review

Ingredients of Nature’s Bounty

Nature’s Bounty contains a number of ingredients that aim at naturally improving the overall health of the consumer. They do not only contain specific weight loss properties, but they also have several vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, electrolytes and other components that will maintain the body’s best performance. Here are some of them:


This is the sweet ingredient that makes us happy and provides flavor to the entire shake. In addition, it contains really good weight loss properties that help with the process.


This is a type of fiber that comes from fruit. It provides a lot of benefits like improving digestion, relieving constipation and avoiding bloating.

Oat Fiber

Oat fiber absorbs up to 7 times its weight and it is not digestive, so it is basically throwing away of your body the liquid of your food and helping the body with digestion, lowering cholesterol and controlling sugar levels.


This is the component that sweetens the entire shake. Its presence is not exactly the best, but it is certainly necessary in order to keep the consumer on track.

Proprietary Protein Blend:

Nature’s bounty includes in this protein shake a mix of Whey Protein Concentrate and Soy Protein Isolate, a mix of proteins that provides energy to the body and feeds the muscles to help with its athletic development. Thanks to this mix, this shake is one of the best sports nutrition supplements in the market.

Other ingredients

There are other minor ingredients that help in the weight loss process. However, most of them work in the background. Some of them are: Xanthan Gum, Maltodextrin, Tricalcium Phosphate.

Flavors of Nature’s Bounty

So far, the market of Nature’s Bounty is based on 2 flavors, which are Chocolate and Vanilla. Both of them are available at the sime price and presentation, which is a 16 oz cylinder with a serving size of 2 scoops -made for 13 servings- that covers half a month, if taken one serving a day. All of this for 20$.

Taste of Nature’s Bounty

Although the creators do not come up with a wide variety of flavors, this protein shake can be combined with other foods and fruits to make it different each time. It has a natural soy taste -because it contains soy lecithin- and a dark chocolate taste. In general terms, the taste is not bad, but it could be a deal breaker for those who would like to have a range of flavors.

Pros and cons of Nature’s Bounty

As all products, there are positive and negative aspects in each product, specially if they are meal replacement shakes. Let’s have a look at some of them:


Certainly, there are many benefits related to the consumption of Nature’s Bounty shakes. Here are some of them: 

  • Helps to grow muscle
  • Increases immunity
  • Makes the muscle recovery process faster
  • Satisfies hunger
  • Lowers appetite
  • Reduces the amount of food and calories ingested
  • Improves the skin health


  • It is not the lowest calorie intake, but it is more less the average
  • High amount of sugar, not recommended for people with diabetes

Customer Reviews

According to the general perception, most people seem to like it. Those who are in the positive side of the opinion poll state that it has a very good price and that it really works for weight loss goals and muscle recovery.

However, there is a minor number of people that complain about its high amount of sugar and very few people that claim having gone through a bad experience with the product.

Bottom Line

There are no important downsides to this shake, unless you are diabetic. It provides really good and comprehensive results in terms of weight loss. In addition, it keeps the body at its best during the entire period, filling it with nature’s bounty vitamins, proteins, digestive enzymes and every other nutrient you need to get back in the shape you want to achieve.


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