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Fitness today is more important than ever. The world is going fitter and we want to include ourselves in the league as well. But quite a few of us still face the wrath of obesity. Don’t you just want to throw away those extra pounds?

Trying to lose weight and keep fit? When exercising and dieting isn’t enough, you can opt for some of the best supplements available. One protein shake that’s proving to be a gamechanger is the Orgain Organic shake. Orgain is a brand famous for manufacturing vegan protein shakes full of nutrition and energy. Let’s just try and know these shakes better. Read along.

What is Orgain Organic shake?

The Orgain Organic shake is an all organic dietary protein shake from Orgain. It’s a kind of meal replacement shake that’s an amazing supplement for your weight loss regimen. Orgain shakes are one of the tastiest ones available and effects fast and healthy weight loss. The low-calorie shake replaces your high-calorie diet giving you the almost same amount of energy and filling.

How does Orgain Organic shake works?

The Orgain Organic protein shake works on a simple method of weight loss. The shake is highly effective in curbing your appetite and cravings while providing all the necessary nutrients. It’s high on quality proteins and dietary fibers and at the same time extremely low in calories. The protein-rich diet helps build lean muscles. On the other hand, the shake is full of superfoods and whole foods to keep you high on nutrition and make you feel fuller. It’s really important to lose weight in a healthy way and the Orgain Organic shake ensures the same.

Orgain Organic review

Orgain Organic Ingredients

The ingredient list of Orgain Organic shake is enough to make it the best sports nutrition supplement. The protein in the shake comes from organic peas, organic brown rice, organic chia seeds, and organic hemp. Although plant-based proteins aren’t considered complete proteins, these are healthy and quite effective in weight loss as well. The Orgain Organic shake makes a power blend of several plant-based proteins.

Apart from protein, the Orgain shakes contain a Creamer Base of acacia gum, insulin, rice bran extract, rice dextrins, and rosemary extract. Then there are stabilizers, sweeteners, and thickeners. These include erythritol, sea salt, guar gum, acacia gum, xanthan gum, monk fruit, extract, stevia, and natural flavors.

Orgain shakes contain all safe ingredients and are free from side effects. The shake is free of soy, lactose, dairy, and gluten. The all organic protein powder uses monk fruit extract and stevia as sweeteners. It’s non-GMO and free of sugar and artificial coloring and flavoring agents.

Orgain Organic Flavors

Orgain Organic protein powders are available in two flavor options. Both the ‘Creamy Chocolate Fudge’ and the ‘Vanilla Bean’ flavors garnered amazing acceptance from the users. Although your flavor is totally your choice, most customers found the Vanilla quite better an option. Chocolate is an obvious choice for many and is not at all a bad one here. Both of these flavors can win against most other brands. Compared within Orgain, Vanilla is a tad better.

Orgain Organic Taste

Orgain Organic shakes score high on the scale of taste. These shakes boast of their clean taste. The shake possesses sweetness but it’s much less pronounced than several other shakes. So Orgain gives you a mildly sweet shake that’s great for your fruit smoothies. The protein powder also is free from any chalk like flavors.

Orgain protein powders use Stevia to compensate for the protein taste. So much like many other shakes, there is a mild after taste. However, what’s good with Orgain shake is that the aftertaste is much lesser intense than with other shakes. Many users even claim that they didn’t even feel any aftertaste.

Orgain Organic Price

Price is always a prime factor for anything you want to use on a daily basis. Talking about the Orgain protein shakes, it’s a quality product that suits the budgets of many. 

A two-scoop serving of Orgain shake powder weighs around 2.03 pounds. Now, you can buy a container of 20 servings for $26. This price can be simplified as $1.30 per scoop and 6.2 cents for every gram of protein. Also, the price may slightly vary depending upon the seller. So it’s certainly not the cheapest you would found, but isn’t most expensive as well. The mid-range protein shake is well worth its price.

Orgain Organic Pros and Cons

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of the Orgain Organic protein shakes.


  • All organic weight loss shake
  • Curbs appetite well
  • Full of energy
  • Free from artificial ingredients and dangerous side effects
  • Great mixability and taste
  • Easy to consume


  • Occasional gas problems
  • Costly when bought online
Bottom Line

Trying to lose weight? Want to speed up the process? Orgain Organic shakes can be the best catalyst for you.

When it comes to organic shakes, you may find infinite options. But Orgain is at the peak of the market not for nothing. It’s an all organic, vegan, and gluten-free shake with natural ingredients and as less as 1 gram per serving of sugar. Also, it’s one of the healthiest supplements you would find in the market. If you need any more reasons, it just delicious.

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