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Good eating as well as drinking practices when combined with talent results to optimal sports performance.  Without all these basic elements, there is actually no amount of sports supplements to convert someone into a champion. Besides, most athletes are currently being distracted by the ever-increasing sports nutrition products which have been availed with the hope to maximize their sports performance.  This is however understandable considering that athletes have been bombarded by the marketing hype in the industry of sports supplement. Much of this isn’t based on qualitative scientific research. If you are wondering what the sports supplements are, read on since we are going to discuss everything you need to know in this sports nutrition review.

What is Sports Nutritional Supplements?

Sports supplements commonly known as ergogenic aids are basically products which are used in enhancing athletic performance. These supplements include vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanicals, amino acids, or a combination of these. The products are basically available OTC without any prescription. The sports nutritional supplements are generally considered as dietary supplements. These supplements don’t need FDA approval before coming into the market. The manufacturers must follow the FDA’s manufacturing practices in an effort to ensure the quality & safety of their products. FDA is a body which takes action in case a product is unsafe after being rolled out in the market.

The Fuel of Sports Nutrition

 Minerals Vitamins

These are not energy sources although they have a very crucial role to play in the body. For instance, calcium and Vitamin D will be required for stronger bones whereas iron will be required to transport oxygen in the body. There are minerals such as potassium, sodium, and calcium which are known as electrolytes. Minerals & Vitamins are very crucial while exercising since they have a direct on the amount of water in your body.



Carbs are very important for most athletes since they will supply your body with glucose needed for energy. The extra glucose will be stored in your muscles and liver in the form of glycogen. Amid the short exercises like gymnastics or soccer, the body will rely on glycogen to maintain the correct blood sugar levels. Lack of enough glycogen might lead to tiredness which will impact your performance.


This is needed in the body as it is responsible for muscle repair and bodybuilding as well. Small protein amounts are used for energy. If you are wondering where the protein can be found, you can get it from meat like that of a chicken, from beans and other dairy products.


This is a crucial energy source of energy which is used in fuelling the longer exercises as well as the endurance activities like hiking or swimming. Eating diets with low fat might decrease your athletic performance leading to serious health problems. Healthy sources of fat include; salmon, olive oils, avocados among others.

Best Sports Nutritional Supplements in The Market


Orgain reviewThe Orgain Shake is an inclusive organic nutrition meal which has been formulated to replace whole meals for the dieters. It has been made using organic and plant-based proteins and other greens. It, therefore, comprises of all components everyone would want in any healthy meal. The preparation of this supplement is very easy and therefore ideal for those people who are always on the go.


  • Cuts down on binge eating
  • Ideal for individuals on the go
  • Easy to prepare and take
  • Helps in curbing appetite
  • Pretty good flavor

Side Effects

  • Causes fatigue
  • May lead to bloating

Garden of Life

Garden of LifeGarden of Life is made for everyone including the athletes, parents, employees as well as students. It has been loaded with vitamins and minerals meant for the well-being of your body. The product is available online from retailers like Amazon. You will realize that the product has received many praises from customers which are a guarantee of quality.


  • Engages metabolism for faster fat burning
  • High protein content
  • It has a high fiber content ideal for cleansing the body
  • Available at lower prices

Side Effects

  • It might lead to liver and kidney damage
  • It may lead to bloating

Vega Protein

vega one Vega Protein is another leading protein powder for weight loss which has been made of natural ingredients. Although some people complain about its taste, it is considered as part of a detox program. It, therefore, has so much to offer. It is easily digested in your body after consumption. It is very easy to prepare not forgetting that it comes at a very affordable price.


Side effects

  • Possibly contaminated
  • Horrible taste

Nature’s Bounty

Nature's BountyNature’s Bounty shake is a protein & vitamin mix shake which comprises of fiber, protein and a variety of vitamins. It works just like other weight loss supplements in the market as it comprises of similar ingredients. This supplement can be taken daily for some boost & natural support in order to grow your muscles.


  • Supports muscle growth and recovery
  • Ideal for weight loss
  • Affordably priced product

Side Effects:

  • Mild skin rash
  • Stomach upset

OWN PWR Supplement

OWN PWR SupplementThis supplement is ideal for muscle building as it has been made with quality pre-workout ingredients. These ingredients will help you deal with the effects of the stimulants. The product is readily available from online retailers at a very affordable price. Although it can lead to some side effects, you will realize that they will not last for long.


  • It has been made of quality ingredients
  • Money back guarantee
  • Ideal for muscle growth

Side Effects

Tips for Maintaining Your Athletic Figure

Nowadays, expert athletes are competing better than ever before. This isn’t just due to the betterment of their nutrition but also understanding how their body requires to train. Here are a few tips which athletes use to keep fit and retain their athletic figure.

Focusing on The Bar Speed as Opposed to Weight

The truth about aging is the fact that regardless of whom you are, you must be slowed down. In case you play sports which demand speed & explosiveness, this slowing down might make you unproductive. This is the reason why aging athletes will focus on bar speed rather than weight. You need to be light as this is the best way through which you can preserve your speed.

Train The Tendon Fibers Hard

Just a short time ago, there was this notion that the tendons would rarely be trained as they were termed hypovascular. This meant that they lacked sufficient blood flow in order to recover from the microtears like muscles. Recent studies have revealed that tendons can be trained which helps to increase rigidity and the explosive potential. This among the approaches athletes use to keep fit.

Paying More Attention to The Legs As Opposed to The Arms

As you age, the muscles will become less supple since your testosterone levels will drop. Since you will never change these basic biological facts, it is possible to soften their effects by never giving up on training. Athletes have high-intensity workouts where they will put more emphasis on their leg power than the arms.

Using a Fitness Tracker

In order to remain at the game top, aging athletes will need to have some vigorous training according to what experts say. However, they will also be needed to be keen on overtraining. This might be a potential cause of injuries which might end up ruining their athletic career. For this reason, a fitness tracker will be ideal to help you reach your training goals.

Bottom Line

Dietary supplements are basically not needed for a well-nourished and active athlete. Most ergogenic aids are not reliable and they should only be of importance after the careful evaluation has been made to guarantee their effectiveness and safety. However, sports supplements can play an important role in an individual’s training program. Every supplement under consideration must be backed with chronic clinical studies as well as enough evidence about their ergogenic claims. In simple terms, become supplement smart to protect your health as well as your athletic performance!


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