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Losing and managing weight is a very demanding process that requires consistency as well as effective products. With the availability of a wide range of different weight loss products, it’s sometimes very challenging to choose a product that can help you manage weight. Outlined below is an overview of MCT Oil vs 310 Shakes.

What is MCT Oil?

This is medium-chain triglyceride oil. It’s a compound that’s derived from kernel oil and it includes capric acid, lauric acid, and caprylic acid. MCTs have fatty acids, which help to promote the functions of various systems in the body.

What Is Meal Replacement Shake?

A meal replacement is a product that is used to replace one or two meals. 310 shake, GNC lean shake, shakeology shake is among the best meal replacement shakes that help to promote weight loss. These products help to facilitate faster weight loss by increasing cell metabolism, increasing the feeling of satiety, and also preserving the muscles.

MCT Oil Vs Meal Replacement Shake: 310 Shake And Gnc Shake

MCT Oil is a tasteless compound that has multiple health benefits. Apart from having low calories, it also has healthy fats which help to reduce the storage of excess fat in the body. But how does this oil compares to 310 Shake or GNC Shake? Well, these two supplements contain a variety of ingredients. They have a blend of protein and fiber plus a wide variety of superfoods which help to promote weight loss. However, these numerous ingredients require a lot of energy for them to be digested and absorbed into the bloodstream. MCT oil, on the other hand, doesn’t require energy because it’s absorbed into the bloodstream directly without any alterations.

How MCT Oil And 310 Meal Replacement Shake Made

MCT is obtained from kernel oils such as the coconut oil. But how is this concentrated medium chain triglyceride made? Well, it’s extracted using the fractionation process, where the MCT oil is separated from the kernel oil. Overall, they usually contain 100 percent of capric acid, 100 percent of caprylic acid, and sometimes a combination of both.

Meanwhile, 310 shakes are made using a combination of ingredients. Its triplex blend, probiotics, minerals and vitamins as well as the fiber and greens blend are all mixed together to create a powder shake with very powerful effects. The powder shake can be mixed with water or any other preferred liquid of choice including organic juice, almond milk etc.

How to Use / Who Can Use MCT Oil & Meal Replacement Shakes

How to Use Meal Replacement Shakes


A meal replacement shake such as 310 shakes, Shakeology shakes, GNC lean shake, and MCT oil can be used with anyone who wants to manage their weight. These products should be taken by people, men, and women, who are conscious of their weight and overall health. 310 is rated among the best meal replacement shakes and it can be used as a snacking beverage or to replace a couple of meals.

How to Use MCT Oil


MCT oil can be used with breakfast. It can be added to tea, hot chocolate or coffee. It has a creamy texture which helps to enhance your morning beverage. It can be used with smoothies, breakfast foods like waffles and pancakes among others. Besides that, it can be added to meals and raw desserts. When MCT oil is used with a powder shake, it can be used as an after or before workout refresher. Adding MCT oil to the best meal replacement shake such as 310 shake helps to encourage the recovery of muscles strains and joint pains.

Advantage and Disadvantages of Both

The best meal replacement shakes and MCT oil all have a wide range of advantages. They contain compounds which have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. Besides that, they have also great fat burners hence they help to promote the thermogenesis process. MCT oil and meal replacement shakes are also great appetite suppressors.

Advantages of MCT Oil

The triglyceride compound that’s found in this product has a lot of benefits to users. MCT oil is an easily digestible compound that has very few ingredients. Some of its main benefits include:

Promoting Weight Loss

MCTs have very few calories and they help to promote prolonged satiety. They help to promote the burning of calories as well as the stored fats. Additionally, these healthy fats help to eliminate the ability of the body to store fat, leading to healthy body weight.

Energy Sources

Note that MCTs don’t need energy for them to be utilized, absorbed or stored in the body. Thus, they are perfect compounds for a faster and safe energy boost which can last for a couple of hours. Additionally, MCTs do not deprive the body of energy as they get quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Improved Memory

Just like most healthy fats, MCT oil helps to improve the brain function. An enhanced brain function leads to improved memory as well as a high level of concentration. Research studies have established that this oil can help to reduce the symptoms of the Alzheimer’s diseases.

Cons of MCT Oil and Meal Replacements

Currently, there are no any reported adverse side effects of MCT oil. However, some people have reported experiencing stomach upsets, diarrhea, vomiting or nausea. Meal replacement shakes can also cause the same symptoms in addition to headaches, dizziness, anxiety etc. if they are taken in excess or in case of an allergic reaction.

Final Thoughts

MCT oil and Meal replacement shakes are great products that help to promote good health. From the review above, it’s clear that oil has a lot of benefits compared to 310 shakes. In addition to that, its side effects are very rare and also very affordable. For people who want to manage their weight, instead of using meal replacement, MCT Oils provide a cost-friendly and effective alternative.

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